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Articles by Amy Magnus

Amy co-founded the Yellow Springs Winter Farmers Market in 2010 which runs Saturday mornings January thru March at the United Methodist Church. She grew up among the corn fields and dairy farms in upstate New York and draws from her experiences cooking as a young teen, a single person, and now a wife and mother. Amy began preparing meals for her family at the age 10. Her mother's kitchen bible was the Betty Crocker Cookbook, her own is the Moosewood.

More Articles by Amy Magnus
  • BLOG-The Calypso Grill Opens

    The irony of this new fallen snow is that it landed on the opening day of a Caribbean experience…The Calypso Grill.

  • BLOG-Speak to Me

    So much has happened in this week, it is well that it started with a call to service.

  • BLOG-The Way of Broccoli Cheddar

    My daughter’s taste buds are not picky; they are however fickle.

  • BLOG-Countdown

    May we greet each other warmly in the coming year.

  • BLOG-Night Divine

    Slow and steady. Be safe.

  • BLOG-Shoulder Rub

    Seaworthiness is best tested before lashing ourselves to the mast in the midst of a monster storm.

  • BLOG-Winter Comes Early

    Are you ready?

  • BLOG-Leaps Over Ruts

    It is not we that pick the tree. The tree picks us.

  • BLOG-Oy, Those Oysters

    It is the person we miss and their dear memory that we savor at the holiday table.

  • BLOG-Hands at Ready

    Keep those onramps and offramps clear.

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