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Village residents are being targeted by scam phone calls by people claiming to represent local police-related causes, but the calls are bogus.

Watch out for scam calls in Yellow Springs

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Yellow Springers are being targeted by scam calls asking for donations to local police-oriented causes, Police Chief Brian Carlson said today, April 19. However, the calls are bogus, and he’s advising villagers to both ignore the calls and refrain from donating.

“It’s not a good idea to donate money over the phone,” he said today.

Over the past two weeks, the police department has received word that villagers have been contacted by individuals claiming to be raising funds for the Yellow Springs Fraternal Order of Police, as well as a coat and shoe fund for children such as that organized by local police in the holiday season. However, the police department is not conducting any such campaigns and if they were, they would not be doing so by phone, Carlson said.

Also, the spring season often brings callers claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, and stating that the recipient owes money. These calls are also bogus, Carlson said, and if the IRS did want to contact a taxpayer, it wouldn’t do so via a phone call.

It’s not necessary to contact the police department if such calls are received, Carlson said. The best response is to hang up or otherwise ignore the call.

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