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This was the first photo I took in town.

BLOG- Making Moves: Dear Yellow Springs,

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Dear Yellow Springs,

Well, my life has taken an unexpected turn and I will be moving back to my hometown this evening, actually. I’m sad and happy and relieved and every other conflicting emotion about it. I’m looking forward to this unexpected transition because I get to return to the open arms of my family and friends I don’t get to see much. I just cannot wait to be near my people again.

On the flip-side, this is a very sad time for me because I have come to love this village even more than I did when I first visited the year prior. I am so thankful for my time interning with the YS News and the opportunity to learn more about my career path each day.

October 2016 was the first time I ever visited Yellow Springs. I remember walking down Xenia Avenue for the first time, my gaze excitedly shifting between adorable shops, scattered auburn leaves and the abundance of dogs walking with their humans down their portion of our sidewalk. I popped into so many places, purchasing succulents and browsing clearance summer dresses while I imagined pairing them with pieces I already I own.

As I strode down the stretch of road, I spotted the bright purple awning of Dino’s and happily ducked in, ready to re-caffeinate and continue on my way. After procuring my large mocha, I reentered the bustling street, bubbling with the energy only warm, fancy coffee can provide.

When I weaved my way down to the end of the right side of Xenia Avenue, I quickly crossed at Nipper’s Corner and started my route back down the opposite way while keeping an eye out for a nice spot to occupy while I sipped down more of my drink.

I peered down where the path deviates to designate King’s Yard and zeroed in on the wooden and iron bench perched near the entrance. I plopped down, sipped my nectar, took in the bright fall colors and listened for the sounds of boot on leaf. I felt so content, happy and relaxed. It was so nice to take it easy and enjoy the lazy afternoon. Overall, it was just such a satisfying day for me and is now a memory I’m fond of.

Spending the summer in this village has made me attach those first day feelings to Yellow Springs permanently. I’ve learned to spend more time with myself, slow down and appreciate nature. I’ve met so many wonderful, vibrant people and my summer here will stay with me for a long time to come.

So really, this was my long-winded way of thanking the village and everyone who has made this summer a period of growth and learning for me. I’ll miss you all a whole lot.

*Jessica Sees is an Ohio University student interning with the News.


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