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The 2018 YSHS special  Senior supplement is available in the May 31 edition of the News, as well as online.

The 2018 YSHS special Senior supplement is available in the May 31 edition of the News, as well as online.

2018 special YSHS Senior supplement now available online

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What are they saying this year? Do you know who said what? Here are some excerpts from this year’s seniors’ last say, which can be found — in context — in the Senior Supplement, available in the May 31 edition of the Yellow Springs News:

“…I started at McKinney Middle School, which at first I found to be a very lenient and comforting environment. I found Yellow Springs as a uniquely accepting and supportive place, and I feel like I have learned a lot here and matured.”

“…Yellow Springs is one of those strange places which is somehow the center of the universe. Everywhere I go, I meet someone from Yellow Springs.”

“I came to the high school my sophomore year and I’ve never regretted it — except during the AP Chem test.”

“YS Schools are different; I have felt valued for my contributions and have learned a lot throughout the last few years.”

“Yes, Officer Nipper. The kid who ducked into the bushes was me.”

“Living here has provided me with more opportunities than many kids get.”

“YSHS has prepared me for college and how to talk to in front of an audience because it is something that is not usually practiced in my country. I love the PBL at the high school because it encourages me to share my ideas in a group.”

“My experience at Yellow Springs high school is a mixture of pure hatred and some reasonable amount of respect.”

“Freshman year I sustained a severe concussion that kept me out of school almost all of my freshman year and some of my sophomore. The administration worked with me to complete my freshman year without having to get held back. [They] did try their best to get me through those years, but it never would have happened without my mom.”

“Growing up in Yellow Springs was crucial to who I am today. As a child, being able to roam freely through the town with friends gave me a sense of security and independence.”

“…special thanks to Officer Meister for literally stopping me to ask if I had seen a dog, not because I was being obnoxious.”

“Life here can appear to move at a standstill. Especially for a young teen, it is easy to feel trapped in Yellow Springs. This last year, however, I have come to understand how privileged I am to grow up in this small town.”

“Farewell, Yellow Springs. I shall return — someday!”

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