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Yellow Springs Public Notices

Special Village Council Meeting: Work Session

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 Special Village Council Meeting: Work Session
                  Monday, July 30, 2018 at 5 p.m.
          Council Chambers, second floor, Bryan Community Center
  Council work sessions are held as a way to expedite communication between
a given group such as Village Staff and Council/Village Manager. The session
is less formal, and is meant as a facilitated exchange of information and ideas.
CALL TO ORDER (5 p.m.)
 • Second Reading and Public Hearing of Ordinance 2018-28
   Approving a Supplemental Appropriation for the Second Quarter of 2018
 • Reading of Resolution 2018-29 Authorizing the Village Manager to
   Forgive Yellow Springs Home, Inc. for all Necessar y Tap Fees and Zoning
   Fees for up to Six (6) Permanently Affordable Homes to be Constructed at
   113 Xenia Avenue
 • Lift Station
 • Waste Water Treatment plant
 • Water Plant
 • Sanitar y Sewer Collection System
 • Storm Sewer Collection System
 • Streets
 • Sidewalks
 • Bike Path
 • Ellis Park
 • Gaunt Park
 • Swimming Pool
 • Water Towers
 • Water Distribution System
 • Electric System
 • Sutton Farm
 • Br yan Center
 • Potter y Shop
 • Downtown
 • Train Station
 • Librar y
 • Tornado Sirens
 The next regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Yellow Springs will
  be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 20, 2018 in Council Chambers, John
  Br yan Community Center, 100 Dayton Street.
  This is not a complete agenda and is subject to change.  Materials relevant to this agenda are available in the John Bryan Community Center lobby and at the Yellow Springs library. Documents for consideration by Council must arrive by 10 a.m. on the Friday prior to Monday’s meeting.
Documents may be left with the police department, utility office or the Clerk of Council’s office.
  The Village of Yellow Springs is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. The Council meeting is wheelchair accessible. Any person requiring a disability accommodation should contact the Village Clerk of Council’s Of fice at 767-9126 or via e-mail at for more information.


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