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From the Yellow Springs News Archives; April 28, 1955

News from the Past: Gov. DeWine’s first vaccine

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As of Friday, April 2, over 3.5 million people in Ohio have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and over 2 million people have received two doses. All Ohioans 16 and older are currently eligible to receive a vaccine. 

In late February, Gov. Mike DeWine and his wife, Fran DeWine, received their second doses of the Pfizer vaccine when their age group of 70 and older became eligible for the vaccine. 

This wasn’t Gov. DeWine’s first brush with vaccines. 

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While digging through the archives, Yellow Springs News production team recently uncovered a photo of DeWine receiving his polio vaccine in 1955. The cutline indicates DeWine was in second grade at the time of the photo.

Despite Gov. DeWine’s current positive attitude towards vaccinations, he appears to have had a different opinion when the photo was taken. 

The photo appeared alongside an article in the April 28, 1955 issue of the News. The full article read:

Kids Get First Polio Shot

152 local first and second grade children received their first shot of Salk polio vaccine Tuesday afternoon at the elementary school.

In addition to the public school first and second graders, children of the same age group from the Antioch School and Miami Valley Friends School were also inoculated with the newly approved vaccine. First shots were also administered Tuesday to first and second grade children of the Clifton school, who travelled to Cedarville for their shots. 

Dr. Meinhard Robinow administered the shots to the children here. County health nurse Miss Kathern Lane and Mrs. Robinow, a registered nurse, assisted. Mrs. Eleanor Ferguson, Ohio State University nurse, a member of the Greene County board of health’s staff, also helped.

Mrs. Leo Hughes and Mrs. William Marshall were PTA mothers who helped staff the medical room at the elementary school as the youngsters lined up for the inoculation shots.

Most of the kids were scared Tuesday, but brave and determined not to cry. 20-30 children received their treatment before one small girl broke down from the tension and shed tears as her turn approached. 

Gary Lee Arnett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Arnett, Shawnee Drive, was the first local child to receive the vaccine. Like those who immediately followed him, he is a pupil in the second grade class taught by Miss Betty Felders. 

A second shot will be given at the local school Tuesday, May 17. The Greene County Board of Health plans administering a third shot in December or January to those children who have received the two-shot series.

In Clark County inoculation of 5,200 first and second grade children began Monday morning. 

Vaccination was entirely voluntary. Parents here desiring vaccine protection for their children were requited to fill out consent blanks. 

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