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  • COVID Update | March 31, 2022

    Photo: CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health; public domain.

    COVID-19 numbers continued to hearten health officials last week, with new case numbers rising slightly in Ohio while decreasing in Greene County, and the number of new hospitalizations and deaths going down across the state and locally.

  • Planning Commission approves new village farm

    A proposal for a small farm and adjacent farm goods store within the village was given the green light, with several caveats, by the Yellow Springs Planning Commission.

  • Public Meetings

    Public Meetings

  • Planning Commission Application Review

    Yellow Springs Planning Commission

  • Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

    Yellow Springs Planning Commission

  • Village Council Virtual Meeting

    Village Council Virtual Meeting • Monday, April 4, 2022, at 7 p.m.

  • Extended Coverage | New Yellow Springs subdivision proposed

    Miamisburg-based development company DDC Management, Inc., is seeking to build a 89-lot subdivision in northwestern Yellow Springs.

  • A historical walking tour of downtown Yellow Springs

    The edifices that line the central throughways in the heart of the village form a patchwork of design and structure. The structures are quirky, asymmetrical and kaleidoscopic in color — the squat skyline, seldom rising above two stories, is jagged and sundry.

  • Speech & Debate competes at state

    Several members of the Yellow Springs High School and McKinney Middle School Speech & Debate team competed in the state-level tournament earlier this month.

  • My Name Is Iden | Finding my voice

    My Name is Iden

    “I now see passing for what it is: a fear-induced response to internalized transphobia. I wanted to pass because I was afraid to be seen as transgender.”

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