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Margaret Isadora Walrath

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Margaret Isadora Walrath was born April 1909 in Jefferson County, N.Y., to Mabel and George Walrath. She grew up in the snow country of upstate New York in the Presbyterian faith and graduated from the New York State Normal School teacher education program, specializing in elementary and preschool education.

Maturing into adulthood, she married Robert Marvin Munger in the early spring of 1936, and in May of 1938, delivered a son, Mark W.

She is responsible for the establishment of the kindergarten program in the Woodbridge, N.J. township school system, which she saw implemented immediately after World War II.

She passed in late April 1955 at age 46 after a long and arduous battle with congestive heart failure. At the time of her death, she was survived by her husband, Robert; and sister, Elizabeth Jane. She is presently survived by her son, Mark.

At her memorial service, she was characterized by a close friend as “an extremely kind lady who apologized for every breath she took.” She is still loved and missed.

This obituary is being published now as none was ever written at the time of Ms. Walrath’s death.


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