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Village Council

Village Manager Salmerón receives 5-year contract

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At its Monday, June 6 meeting, Village Council unanimously approved a five-year contract for Village Manager Josué Salmerón.

Council President Brian Housh praised Salmerón for his work, noting that Salmerón came to the village as a nontraditional candidate for the village manager position.

“It’s been great to have you here,” Housh said, congratulating Salmerón on being named in Dayton Business Journal’s “40 under 40 Hall of Fame.”

Salmerón was hired in May 2019 with a three-year contract and starting salary of $105,000. The contract Council approved on June 6 included several changes, including a base salary of $121,000, a $6,000 car allowance and the option to roll 10 days of vacation over in lieu of cashing in vacation days at the end of the year.

In a recent phone interview, Housh said that the salary was based on merit and cost of living increases that Salmerón received earlier this year and throughout his initial contract.

“Every staff member can receive up to a 5% increase,” Housh said.

The major change in Salmerón’s contract is a $6,000 car allowance. To date, Salmerón has been using a Village-owned and maintained vehicle. This change was a result of ongoing changes to Village finance policies.

“We looked at other municipalities — Fairborn, Bellbrook — and that’s what they do. They also do a $6,000 allowance,” Housh said.

In a follow-up interview, Housh said that the Village considered leasing a vehicle for Salmerón, but the expense was too much. Council did not consider reimbursing Salmerón for mileage.

Now that Salmerón has a car allowance, the village manager’s car he currently uses will be decommissioned and eventually sold.

As for the option to roll over vacation days, Housh said that this option would allow the Village to save money each year.

“That not only reflects a sensitivity to the village, but that Josué would like to be able to take that vacation time,” Housh said.

Housh praised Salmerón’s efforts to bring projects to fruition, saying that he was happy that they took a “leap of faith” on Salmerón, who had no previous experience as a village or city manager.

“I think you’ve learned a lot, you’ve performed well, and I really appreciate your work,” Housh said.

Salmerón thanked Council members, saying that working for the Village has been an honor.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity and look forward to the years to come,” Salmerón said.


• Council approved a contract with Michelle Robinson as the accounting and payroll manager.

• Council approved a resolution affirming the rights of LGBTQ+ people and “celebrating our shared diversities.”

• Council approved a second reading of an updated policy for the Village’s credit cards.

• Council heard a first reading of amended rules and procedures, clarifying the language around public hearings for pieces of legislation.

• Council passed an ordinance approving a contract with AMP for a 2022 landfill energy schedule.

The contract will allow the Village to purchase up to 700kW with a price not to exceed $60.85 per MWh. Council also heard a presentation from AMP representatives, who explained the management of the Village’s energy portfolio.

• Council heard a first reading of an ordinance that would rezone a property located at 100 E. Center College St. from E-1 Educational to R-C high residential.

• Council approved a resolution authorizing the village manager to enter into an agreement with Gray’s Tree Service. The tree service will be clearing trees, branches and vegetation that interfere with Village electric utility line easements and rights of way.

Gaunt Park Pool

Salmerón praised Gaunt Park Pool lifeguards for two rescues since the opening of the pool. “They didn’t hesitate to jump in and rescue a child,” he said, adding that he hopes to do a more public recognition for the guards at a later date.

Council approved a public works expenditure of $7,452 to have two cameras installed at Gaunt Park Pool. The cameras will monitor the pool’s entrance and the pool itself. Public works Director Johnnie Burns and Salmerón said that the cameras were needed after several break-ins which resulted in damage to the pool facilities. According to Salmerón, the damages caused by the break-ins cost the Village more than the price of the cameras and their installation.

Bike lights

Council approved a $850 expenditure for safety lights to be distributed to bicycle users around the village. Council Clerk Judy Kintner said that the Village’s supply has run out, and that Council’s approval of funds would be added to $400 from YSPD. The total dollar amount would allow the Village to purchase 800 safety lights, 400 for the front of a bicycle and 400 for the rear.

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