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Perry League T-ballers were ready to take the Gaunt Park field last June for another evening of play. The beloved local program will take place this year every Friday evening in June and July, 6–7:30 p.m. (Submitted photo by Don Steinhilber)

Perry League T-ball season nears

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As the school year winds down, and the summer months near, Perry League T-Ball is preparing for its 53rd season.

The beloved local program remains an all-volunteer undertaking, with play taking place this year every Friday evening in June and July, 6–7:30 p.m., at Gaunt Park.

Perry League T-Ball is the village’s beginner baseball program for children ages 2–9, “regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual identity, religion or lack of religion, disability or level of skill.” All children are welcome. The presence of a guardian is requested to accompany the youngest players.

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“T-ball is a community event, a ton of fun for kids and also enjoyed by parents and caregivers, many of whom are Perry League alumni,” writes Margi Gay, who is one of three organizers, with her husband, Rob Gay, and local parent and early childhood educator Yunus Brevik.

“We especially enjoy the support of grandparents, who often are the first to arrive in an effort to stake out the optimum spectator’s location,” she wrote.

The trio picked up the bat, so to speak, last season after the retirement at the end of the previous season of longtime coach Jimmy Chesire. The three also continued Chesire’s tradition of writing detailed pieces about each T-ball outing for the YS News.

In anticipation of the new season, Margi Gay recently wrote:

“Perry League T-Ball is a free range sport, one in which we witness the children’s creativity in many forms: batting styles, game attire, dirt play, focused attention or lack of attention.

“The games capture the sport of baseball in its most perfect form. The equipment needed to play is minimal: a bat, a ball, a batting tee and bases are all provided. The rules of Perry League are few, and unique. There are no teams, no assigned positions, no batting order, every batter receives 1,000 strikes!

“This format allows the simple beauty of the game of Perry League T-ball to flow in its naturally extemporaneous style, and is the quiet secret of success.

“Any changes to the program are carefully considered and respectful of its long legacy. A few new ideas introduced during last year’s season will likely return, including a halftime break in each evening’s action to rest, have a drink or enjoy a succulent treat.”

Also introduced last summer was a parents T-ball “game” on the final night of play, which the organizers plan to repeat this year. They’re also planning the addition of a mid-season alumni event on June 30.

“This will be a community event,” according to Margi Gay. “It is for all who have participated, observed or supported the league throughout the years. If your involvement has simply been to read the weekly game reports, you too will be warmly welcomed.”

The event will feature a food truck and a halftime ice cream social, and conclude with a parent T-Ball game under the lights..

Another new addition to the program will be an orientation/training on Friday, May 26, 6–7:30 p.m., at Gaunt Park. The intro session will provide new participants an opportunity to receive basic skills instruction in the areas of hitting, fielding and base running. It will also provide returning players with the chance to stretch their legs, and hone their individual batting approaches prior to game day. Players can also register May 26. Online pre-registration is available at:

The 2023 season officially opens Friday, June 2, 6–7:30 p.m., at Gaunt Park.

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  1. Bryce June says:

    This season includes amazing activities for our child, my preference is to get your child to be joined.

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