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The Asian long-horned beetle, also known as the starry sky, sky beetle, or ALB, is native to the Korean Peninsula, northern and southern China, and disputably in northern Japan. (Submitted photo)

Yellow Springs Tree Committee to host webinar on longhorned beetle

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The Yellow Springs Tree Committee will host a webinar titled “Asian Longhorned Beetle: The Threat in Black and White,” on Monday, July 24, at 6 p.m. The presenter is Joe Boggs, of the OSU Extension Office and Department of Entomology.

The USDA has declared August “Check Your Tree Month’’ for the Asian longhorned beetle, which is potentially the most devastating non-native insect pest to have arrived in North America, according to a press release about the webinar. The beetle kills trees belonging to 12 genera, and if it escapes eradication, “it will cause a catastrophic loss of trees,” according to the release, which adds that early detection is essential to eradication.

The July 24 online presentation will provide an overview of the basic biology and life cycle of the beetle, how it’s being eradicated and what the public needs to know to detect it.

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Joe Boggs has 31 years of extension experience and specializes in tree and shrub diagnostics and pest management, with a focus on non-native insect pests. He has been doing educational outreach on the Asian longhorned beetle since it was discovered in Ohio in 2011 and averages more than 100 professional presentations a year on topics ranging from pollinators to pests.

Registration for the webinar is free, but required. To register and receive a Zoom link and other login instructions, email YStreecommittee@gmail.com with your name, mailing address and email address by noon the day of the webinar.

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