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Articles About Greene County Building Department

  • Council takes steps to create building department

    At its regular meeting held virtually on Aug. 16, Village Council took additional steps to create a local building department. First, Council approved an ordinance that would create a fee schedule for building permits; second, they approved a resolution that enters into a contract with National Inspection Corporation, or NIC.

  • Village Council addresses Airbnb ‘proximity’

    No Airbnb can be located within 500 feet of another one, according to legislation Council passed at its regular meeting on Monday, July 19.

  • Village Council appoves local building department

    At its regular meeting on July 6, Village Council unanimously approved the creation of a local building department. Two ordinances — one for residential permits and the other for commercial — were passed as an emergency.

  • Village Council— A local building department?

    Should the Village of Yellow Springs have its own local building department to review permits and inspect local projects? For Village Manager Josué Salmerón, the answer is yes.

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