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Articles About 2020 General Election

  • One reporter’s view— Security dominates 2021 inauguration

    As more than 20,000 National Guardsmen flocked into the nation’s capital in preparation for Inauguration Day, the city was locked down in an unprecedented way, the troops part of the largest security presence at any inauguration in American history.

  • Pandemic election concludes

    Absentee was the most popular way to vote in this election, as 34,700 ballots were cast absentee, more than one third of the total, 89,627. Another 33,676 voted in person on election day, 19,951 voted early in person and 1,791 voted with a provisional ballot.

  • Election ran smoothly in Yellow Springs

    Emotions ran high, and a pandemic raged on, but a historic election unfolded without incident in Yellow Springs on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

  • Tims vies for House seat; Lachman runs for judge

    The News continues its election coverage this week with profiles of two more area candidates. Both candidates are Democrats with support among Yellow Springs’ heavily Democratic voters.

  • Voting begins for Nov. 3 election

    Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 3 — is less than a month away, and election season in Ohio is in full swing.

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