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Articles About composting

  • Yellow Springs business owners denounce plastic ban

    The message from a number of local business owners at a recent town hall was clear: The proposed legislation to restrict commercial single-use plastics is too hasty.

  • Village Council considers solid waste fee

    At the most recent Village Council meeting on Nov. 7, Council members discussed the possibility of adding a 2% fee to residential solid waste bills. If the fee is adopted, the Village would use the funds to educate residents on ways to reduce their organic solid waste, including recycling and composting.

  • Company turns trash into treasure

    Matthew Lawson sees a treasure trove of biodiversity in rotting organic waste. His company, Trillium Organic Services, will soon offer curbside composting in the Village. (Submitted Photo )

    Matthew Lawson is passionate about compost. Where some see stinky, rotting waste, Lawson sees a renewable resource. What is worthless trash to some is, to him, a rich biodiversity.

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