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Articles About Lawson Place

  • Village Council reviews infrastructure, public safety improvements

    At Village Council’s Tuesday, Jan. 16 meeting, the group covered considerable ground in reviewing recent, ongoing and upcoming improvements to local infrastructure and public safety.

  • Village Council votes to raise rents at Lawson Place apartments

    Residents at Lawson Place, the 16-unit apartment building owned by the Village, will soon see a 3% rent increase as the result of a unanimous vote at the Monday, July 3, Village Council meeting.

  • Village Council Regular Meeting | Tuesday, Jan. 18

    At it’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 18, Village Council opted to forego voting on PUD legislation, read a resolution to authorize a settlement agreement, approved pricing on a municipal broadband pilot program, and more.

  • Lawson gardeners picket Greene Met

    With a little over a week to go before gardens at the Lawson Place public housing unit are permanently removed, residents and local allies picketed in front of Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Xenia office on Friday.

  • Tour Lawson Place gardens

    Daniel Pearson planted a low-maintenance cover crop of violets in the backyard of his Lawson Place residence. The violets don’t need to be mowed, keep the ground from getting waterlogged and provide a tasty treat to Pearson, he said. Pearson worries herbicides will be used to kill the vegetation, which is out of compliance with the property owners, Greene Metropolitian Housing Authority. (Photo by Megan Bachman)

    Friends of the Lawson Place gardens invite the community to attend a garden tour on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 4 p.m.

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