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Articles About School report card

  • Yellow Springs Schools— Holden responds to report card results

    The state’s annual district report cards, based mostly on the results of those tests, were released earlier this month. Yellow Springs received a “C” overall for the 2018–19 school year, down from a “B” for the prior year. The overall grade combines the grades of six different categories measured by the state.

  • School board meeting— State report card discussed

    While Yellow Springs received mixed grades on the 2016–2017 Ohio school report card, district leaders remain skeptical that the report card system delivers meaningful data about local schools.

  • State report card — Schools react to assessment

    A lot of information appears to be packed into the Ohio Department of Education’s 2016–17 school report card released earlier this fall, but Yellow Springs district leaders don’t see much in the results that is of use to local schools.

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