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Yellow Springs News Blogs Section :: Page 4

  • BLOG— Hungering to be known

    The full moon is a lonesome traveler. (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Astronomy is a mystery to me, but the fact that the full moon sets just behind Joe’s house — that’s easy to understand. If I were the moon, traveling alone all night, I would take my rest there, too.

  • BLOG-Behind the Mask


    We glam up and go to the Yellow Springs Montessori masquerade ball!

  • Out of Something, Nothing: My Summer as a Professional Mover, part 4


    All of the houses full of garbage, the horror of the surprise addition of an industrial-sized refrigerator to the move, almost dislocating your shoulder carrying a wardrobe up narrow stairs – the emotional impact of everything that happens on the job is intensified by the presence of your coworkers.

  • BLOG-Pop Up Breakfast

    veggie dressed waffles

    The Neighborhood Nest provision a splendid pop-up brunch in honor of Valentine’s Day.

  • Out of Something, Nothing: My Summer as a Professional Mover, part 3


    The most commonly weird thing I encountered as a mover was a gross house…and if movers are to be believed, seduction by homeowner is par for the course. Everyone I worked with had a story about this happening on the job.

  • BLOG— Waking up to spring

    Snowdrops, after calling down the snow. (Photo via Wikimedia)

    It’s still February, a strange and diffident month. It’s a little scared of its own boldness, so ducks its head, like the snowdrops, and calls down the snow.

  • BLOG-I Mustache You to Be My Valentine

    The Mustache Set

    Kylo Ren is crafty, but ha! so are we.

  • Out of Something, Nothing: My Summer as a Professional Mover, part 2


    Sometimes the entire day requires moving only a few pieces of furniture and sometimes it’s a full packing-loading-driving-unpacking operation at someone’s huge mansion. My third day on the job lasted only three hours, and my longest day was at least sixteen. You wouldn’t know until you got there.

  • BLOG— Feeling more free

    Sycamores along the bike path (Photo by Audrey Hackett)

    Matching my gait to my thoughts (or was it the other way around?), I realized that one part of freedom was what I was experiencing right then: the removal of arbitrary constraints.

  • BLOG-Winter Goods, Greens and Woolies


    The winter farmers’ market rounds out its offerings with a healthy dose of alpaca wool.