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  • BLOG-Winter Comes Early

    Are you ready?

  • BLOG—Poor Jerusalem

    Jerusalem was a backwater town controlled by a Semitic tribe called the Jebusites before King David cast his eyes upon it around 1000 BCE. He saw Jerusalem’s location and natural fortifications as being perfect for a great capital city that could transcended tribal identification and unite the people.

  • BLOG-Leaps Over Ruts

    It is not we that pick the tree. The tree picks us.

  • BLOG—”America First” is Always Built on Prejudice

    Once again, the occupier of the Oval Office has engaged in irresponsible behavior that could have a detrimental impact on Muslims here and around the world. 

  • BLOG-Oy, Those Oysters

    It is the person we miss and their dear memory that we savor at the holiday table.

  • BLOG-Hands at Ready

    Keep those onramps and offramps clear.

  • BLOG—Yes, It Happens Here

    The revelations around sexual assault and rape in Hollywood must not be seen as isolated incidents. They are emblematic of rape culture, which is pervasive across the world. Even here in our village. A group of local women think it is time that stops. 

  • BLOG-Selfies in Seattle

    Finding yet another reason to appreciate my New York mom in Washington State.

  • BLOG—Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!

    Miguel’s Tacos. Talented musicians making a joyful noise. Tables waiting to be turned into community centers. November 16, First Presbyterian, 6-9pm. All are welcome.

  • BLOG-Perennial Favorite

    What surrounds the table is more that what the table holds.