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Yellow Springs News Blogs Section

  • Ask a transperson | What’s the deal with drag?

    Iden Crockett, My Name is Iden

    In the third installment of “Ask a Transperson,” YS News columnist Iden Crockett answers: “Are drag shows supposed to be funny? At whose expense?”

  • Ask a Transperson | Adjusting to transition

    Iden Crockett, My Name is Iden

    In this second entry of News columnist Iden Crockett’s “Ask a Transperson” blog, Crockett answers several questions on her experience with the physical and emotional adjustments related to gender transition, including surgery, hormone replacement therapy, sex and physical intimacy and effects on family members.

  • Ask a Transperson | Considering the non-binary

    Iden Crockett, My Name is Iden

    This is the inaugural entry of “Ask a Transperson,” a temporary blog by News columnist Iden Crockett intended as a “space dedicated to answering your questions” about what it means to be trans — from Crockett’s perspective. In this entry, Crockett answers: “Can you explain the variations of meaning for the term non-binary?”

  • COLUMN: Into the thicket

    A briar patch is a “thicket formed by any number of unrelated thorny parts.” The briar patch figures prominently in the escape route of “Brer Rabbit,” the trickster figure in African American folktales in the mid-1800s.

  • BLOG— Our paper

    Small town, big win The Yellow Springs News won the top prize, Newspaper of the Year, in its size category for the eighth year in a row at last week’s Ohio News Media Association conference in Columbus. See an article on the win on page 7. Shown above is the News staff: front row from left, Advertising Director Robert Hasek, Eternity the news­hound, Village Desk Editor Lauren “Chuck” Shows and Reporter Megan Bachman. In back from left, Designer Suzanne Szempruch, Reporter Carol Simmons, Editor Diane Chiddister, Reporter Audrey Hackett and Designer Matt Minde. (Photo by the self-timer)

    Almost 20 years later, I landed another job at another community paper. This one was in Yellow Springs, Ohio — perhaps you’ve heard of it — and the paper was well over 100 years old, with Quaker roots.

  • BLOG — A funny old dog

    "And he dreamed his own dreams." From "Mister Dog: The Dog Who Belonged to Himself," by Margaret Wise Brown.

    Lauren “Chuck” Shows writes about a favorite children’s book — and what it means to belong to yourself.

  • BLOG-The Calypso Grill Opens

    The irony of this new fallen snow is that it landed on the opening day of a Caribbean experience…The Calypso Grill.

  • BLOG— New light that is also old light

    Maki Haku, Poem 68-44. (Via Wikiart)

    The moon this morning is a golden horn. To the south and west, the planets are shining — Jupiter, Venus. Yesterday at the same morning hour the moon was a creamy horn, caught, like an animal in a thicket, in a mesh of trees.

  • Of cabbages and kings

    Cabbage soup with sausage and milk.

    Lauren “Chuck” Shows writes briefly about cabbage soup and American attitudes toward food assistance.

  • BLOG — Finding common ground

    This year’s statewide organic food and farming conference offered hope that farmers may find common ground in a polarized time, despite ongoing attacks of the organic industry.

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