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Richard Funderburg advises a costumer while overlooking his army of plants (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

Farmers Market not just for Saturdays

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The farmers market downtown on Saturday is an ideal opportunity for villagers to connect with area farmers and buy fresh, local produce. However, some wish to buy groceries before the weekend rather than during it. And for the hardcore market-goers, one market a week just isn’t enough!

Fortunately, there is another farmers market every Thursday, starting at 2 pm. Vendors set up shop in the parking lot of Dollar General, in what was once referred to as “IGA-Land.” This location is convenient for residents who live on the south end of town.

The Thursday market is noticeably smaller in size than that on Saturday, but there is still a healthy assortment of goods and a friendly assortment of farmers. Young people such as Donny Rembacher and Mike Schulz (Patchwork Farms) and Kristan Bryant (Anderson Farms) exhibit a youthful exuberance. Then there are farms like Four Sisters Farm, the definition of a family farm, with a mother (Carol Conrad) and all five of her daughters helping out.

Those who either can’t make it up north, want to buy produce on Thursday, or simply just want another excuse to be a part of a community event, should look into the second farmers market at the Dollar General on Thursdays.

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