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Council approves 2011 principles, goals

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At their Dec. 6 meeting, members of Village Council approved six overarching principles, along with more specific goals and action steps, for the year 2011. Council had been discussing the principles and goals over the past several meetings; Council goals help to form priorities for upcoming choices for the 2011 Village budget.

The six overarching Council principles for 2011 are as follows:

1) Deepen democratic decision-making processes with active citizen participation and effective representative governance.

2) Be an excellent employer and provider of services within a responsible fiscal framework.

3) Be a welcoming community of opportunity for people of diverse races, ages, sexual orientations, belief systems, cultures and incomes.

4) Pursue a strong economy that provides diverse employment, a stable tax base and supports the values of the community.

5) Seek, in all our decisions and actions, to reduce the carbon footprint of the community and encourage sound ecological practices throughout.

6) Provide careful, creative and cooperative stewardship of land resources.

For a more detailed list of Council’s goals and action steps, see the Dec. 9 newspaper.


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