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BLOG – My cat is famous

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In my own little world, in my quiet corner of the village, Ray, my cat is famous! He must be since he was mentioned in the editorial last week about the People’s Pets. Since I work for the News I will not submit a photo of the cute guy for everyone to vote for, instead I’m sharing him with the world through my blog, Quiet Corners.

I’ve been working at the News for a little over a year as a designer and thought having a photo blog would be a nice way to share my other passion. The goal of Quiet Corners is to share a theme of colorful photos of the village, of the nooks and crannies that some times get over looked. Today’s theme, I guess, would be my personal quiet corner, a tiny look into my world, Ray included.

Submit a photo of your pet to our “People’s Pets” photo contest, please click here.


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BLOG – My cat is famous

by Suzanne Szempruch