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The Pine Forest

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The Pine Forest is a special place within the Glen, and many longtime Glen explorers almost consider it hallowed ground: a quiet place to reflect amongst the giant, swaying trees.

The Ohio State Forestry Dpt. originally planted the trees in 1926 as a means to reforest unused farmland. The Glen eventually acquired this land in the late 1930s. Today, the YSHS School Forest organization and many Glen Helen youth programs use the Pine Forest for various activities that promote teamwork and an interest in natural history.

The scientific classification for all Pine Trees is the division Pinophyta (commonly referred to as “conifers”). Conifers include some of the largest organisms on the face of the planet, with certain species, such as the Giant Sequoia, reaching heights of almost 300 ft and taking up 50,000 cubic feet of space. The trees in the Glen are obviously not as huge, but it’s still amazing to know that they are related to a plant heavier than a Blue Whale.

If you’re interested in hiking to the Pine Forest, I’ve included a PDF map provided by the Glen with directions on how to reach it. I’ve also just discovered that you can get married in the Pine Forest! If you want to get hitched on top of a bed of pine needles in the near future, I’ve also included a link on how to do that.

Map to the Pine Forest

Getting married in the Pine Forest


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