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Antioch College to tear down two buildings

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Antioch College recently announced that it will demolish two buildings on campus: the Student Union and Mills Hall.  The recommendation for the demolition of the two 1950s-era buildings came from the school’s architectural firm, MacLachlan, Cornelius and Filoni, which has been working with the college on its continued growth and expansion.

Mills Hall, formerly campus housing, was built in 1959, and now suffers from lack of sufficient space and significant structural damage. According to the college, its lack of elevators would also mean enormous expense to update the building to modern accessibility requirements.  Preparatory work for the removal of the building, including the expulsion of asbestos, will begin in November, with demolition and clean-up expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The Student Union, which was built in 1957, has contended with extensive mold and large roof leaks, resulting in extensive damage. Citing high cost and infrequent use of the building, the college’s architects recommended demolition. The demolition date has yet to be announced.

“We expect that many alumni and friends will have a number of fond memories of these buildings,” stated President Mark Roosevelt. “However, as mindful as we are of our rich heritage, the new and better ways in which we are articulating the college experience at Antioch require us to make bold, informed decisions about our campus to make it both viable and sustainable in the 21st century.”


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