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Rebecca Teilhet

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Becky Teilhet

Becky Teilhet

On August 19, 1972, Becky Teilhet came into this world as we all do: humble and vulnerable. With very little means or support, she was raised by her mother, Mary Louise, with the help of her siblings, Sheila, Linda, Daniel and Tim. From these simple beginnings she accomplished so much. She grew up and in Fairborn, Ohio, where she learned the importance of compassion for all living things. She brought to this world a ray of happiness and wonder.

At the age of 17, still a child herself, she took on the greatest responsibility a human can know: the responsibility of motherhood. She rose to this challenge with as much love and strength as any mother has ever had. Of her countless gifts to society, our son Jay Teilhet was her greatest. Born on June 22, 1990, Jay became the love of her and my life. As the three of us grew up together, we learned the power of love and support. She took this love and support to extraordinary heights. In the face of extreme adversity, she nurtured and cultivated it in many ways. Her love of nature led her to become a gardener, first of plants, then of people. There is no way to fully know the extent of the lives that she has affected.

With her close friends Heather Knoth and Rhonda Kumbusky, she provided care and love to so many of Yellow Spring’s children at the Sunshine Daycare. The warmth and compassion that she channeled through these young lives will ripple throughout humanity for all time.

Sad puppies often find the help they need; disgusting, helpless and sick ones often do not, unless they were blessed enough to meet Becky.

Her greatest challenge and gift was the selfless support she provided to those closest to her. She created a strong foundation for me, her husband, and Jay, her son, to discover and share the gift of art. Without this generous understanding of creativity, two more lives would have been squandered.

To her friends she was a mentor, a grandmother and a warm breeze. She was a rock in a turbulent river. She was a beating heart in a wounded chest. She will never be forgotten or equalled.

As I write this, I realize our greatest minds and poets have not yet created the words to describe our Becky. I can only hope we can all take this miraculous seed of love and hope that she has given us and pass it on. Then her life will have not been in vain. The challenge is now ours.

* Written by Rebecca’s husband, Justin Teilhet.


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