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At last Saturday's commencement event for the Antioch University Ph.D. program in Leadership and Change, former AU Chancellor and Antioch College President Al Guskin, shown at left above, was honored for 30 years with Antioch. Shown to the right of Guskin is AU Provost Laurien Alexandre and AU Chancellor Felice Nudelman.

Guskin retires after 30 years with Antioch

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At last Saturday’s commencement for Antioch University’s Ph.D. program in Leadership and Change, Dr. Al Guskin was recognized for his 30 years with Antioch College and Antioch University. Guskin retired from the AU Leadership program this year. To honor him, several members of Cohort 1, the first group of students in the leadership Ph.D. program, flew in from around the country for the commencement ceremony and spoke of their experience in the program.
“Al was the wise elder, the patriarch watching over our family,” said one Cohort 1 member in remarks to the audience, which filled the Antioch University Midwest auditorium. In its 15th year, the program on Saturday graduated 15 new Ph.D.s from across the country, Canada and Nigeria.
Guskin came to Yellow Springs as president of Antioch College, then became university chancellor. Following his retirement as chancellor, he spent the past 15 years teaching in the Leadership and Change Ph.D. program, which he helped to create along with AU Provost Dr. Laurien Alexandre.


One Response to “Guskin retires after 30 years with Antioch”

  1. Sue McKevitt says:

    First Stephen Cobert, then Jon Stewart and now Al Guskin! Stephen will be back in a different venue however his brilliance will be missed via his Cobert Report. Jon is off to a new phase in his life letting the rest of us figure out the absurdity of current politics. passing on the responsibility as it were. And now Al. What to say. He has dedicated so much of his life and intelligence to making Antioch University as great a place as it is. The touch has been passed. Its now time for Al to experience the wonders of being off the clock, sleeping or staying up late, eating when he wants to, “doing” only if he wants to, and loving the ability to just BE! Well done Al. Thank you so much for your humor, your humility, your kindness, your laughter, your vision, your commitment, and your lived belief that with one and with many we can make a better world for all.

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