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2015 Election Results — State Issues mixed

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Ohio citizens were lit up about this year’s issues on marijuana legalization, and while voters around Ohio and in Greene County both returned a deafening “no” to Issue 3 to legalize the regulated growth and use of marijuana, Yellow Springers felt very differently. While around Ohio and in Greene County and Miami Township, precisely two thirds of voters rejected marijuana legalization, a majority of villagers, or 56 percent, approved the measure. Marijuana got 953 village votes, while another 734 villagers voted against it. Meanwhile, Miami Township voted with the rest of Ohio with 351 votes, or 64 percent of the elctorate, against the measure and 201 votes, or 36 percent, for it.

Issue 3 was a constitutional amendment initiated by Ohio citizens to allow for limited growth, sale and posssession of marijuana for those over 21 (and medical marijuana for persons of any age with certification). The limits placed on the industry included 10 predetermined grow sites with named investors and no more than 1,100 retail outlets, as well as limited personal cultivation and possession.

While voters were more mixed about state Issue 2 to regulate citizen-initiated amendments to prevent monopolies, statewide and across Greene County, a narrow majority of voters cast votes of approval. However, in Yellow Springs and Miami Township, opinion again was the opposite. In the village, 61 percent, or 1,290 voters, voted for and 39 percent, or 825 voters, voted against the amendment.

Issue 2 proposed to discourage future citizen-initiated amendments to the state constitution that provided a monopoly or commercial advantage to a particular business or industry. It also sought to establish a board to evaluate whether future proposed amendments would violate the existing state constitution and force voters to first decide whether they wanted to violate the constitution and then vote on the issue itself. Issue 2 was create by the state legislature specifically to oppose Issue 3.
Finally, a point of agreement, everyone everywhere, including the Yellow Springs outliers, shouted yes to Issue 1 to reform the legislative redistricting process. Issue 1, a state constitutional amendment, proposed to make the process by which electoral districts are created more reflective of state partisanship and less vulnerable to political gerrymandering. In both the village and Miami Township 1,929 residents voted for and 245 voted against the issue.

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. Precinct for Issue 2 (anti-monopolies):
440 (north): no, 348; yes, 149
441 (west): no, 256; yes, 104
442 (center): no, 259; yes, 126
443 (south): no, 267; yes, 173
455 (east Twp.): yes, 140; no, 114
456 (west Twp.): no, 160; yes, 133

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. Precinct for Issue 3 (marijuana legalization):
440 (north): yes, 291; no, 207
441 (west: yes, 205; no, 157
442 (center: yes, 247; no, 139
443 (south): no, 231; yes, 210
455 (east Twp.): no, 181; yes, 78
456 (west Twp.): no, 170; yes, 123

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