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Antioch University restructures; campus presidents fired

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Antioch University leaders announced this week that in an effort to streamline costs and programs, the Board of Governors, the university’s fiduciary governing body, is eliminating each campus board of trustees and the president of each of the five campuses in the AU system.

The campus presidents were notified on Monday, June 27, that their jobs were being eliminated effective Friday, July 1, according to a university official who asked not to be identified. However, the presidents will receive severance pay until the end of the year.

The campus presidents are Karen Schuster Webb of AU Midwest in Yellow Springs; Tex Boggs of AU Los Angeles; Dan Hocoy of AU Seattle; Steve Jones of AU New England; and Nancy Leffert of AU Santa Barbara.

The changes are being made in order to enhance Antioch University as a national university rather than a university with five distinct campuses, the official said. The campus boards of trustees had been set up several years ago in order to strengthen the connection between each regional campus and its home community; however, at this point the regional identity is not working for the university, according to the official. Overall oversight of the university will be maintained by the AU Board of Governors.

On a campus level, the leadership of each campus will fall to the provost, who will focus on academic programs, according to the official.

The interim chancellor of Antioch University is Bill Groves, a Springfield attorney who had previously been vice chancellor and general counsel. In April, replaced former Chancellor Felice Nudelman, who is now the university’s chief global officer for innovation and partnerships.

Effective July 1, Charlotte Roberts is chair of the AU Board of Governors, replacing Howard Coleman, who is now vice chair.

See a more detailed article in the June 30 Yellow Springs News.


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