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Shawn Edward Smith

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Shawn Edward Smith

Shawn Edward Smith

Shawn Edward Smith, 43, passed away suddenly in his Honeoye, N.Y., residence on April 27, 2018. He will forever be in the hearts of his loved ones: partner, Dani Scott, and dog, Lizzie; mother, Marcia C. Nowik; father, Donald Smith; grandmother, Virginia Bentley; and brothers, Justin Smith and Glenn Reed.

Shawn was a very empathetic individual and, when he was not spending time with family or friends, he loved spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, mushroom-hunting or walking with his beloved dogs. His love of nature extended into his occupation as an arborist. Shawn also worked in various construction-related fields in Florida, Ohio and New York.

Marcia, Virginia, and Justin will be welcoming friends to their home on South Stafford Street in Yellow Springs on Saturday, May 12, from 1 to 5 p.m. A celebration of life and funeral pyre will be held on June 9. Please visit the Facebook page “Remembering Shawn Smith” or contact Justin at 937-532-0044 for more information.


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Shawn Edward Smith

by YS News Staff