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Yellow Springs Development Corporation

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The Yellow Springs Development Corporation, or YSDC, a local quasi-governmental organization, held a brief virtual meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

• Corrie van Ausdal shared that the YSDC subcommittee in charge of selling the Miami Township Fire Station along Corry Street has so far received six inquiries and four initial plans for the property, with one formal proposal on the way.

In an update to the News on Aug. 18, van Ausdal wrote that the subcommittee had received one additional inquiry and initial plan, while a previously interested party has withdrawn their interest. Van Ausdal said at the meeting she was hopeful that the property would be sold soon.

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“I hopefully will have something for the larger group to vote on by the next meeting,” she said.

Additionally, the subcommittee fielded concerns from a neighbor about the property’s use, and added Roger Reynolds to the group, which also includes YS Community Foundation Director Jeannamarie Cox and Village Manager Josué Salmerón.

• YS Schools Superintendent Terri Holden reported that a “walk through” of Antioch College’s campus by college and school district representatives was scheduled for the first week of August.

The college and school district are exploring the possibility of siting a K–12 district facility on the college campus in a process facilitated by the YSDC’s Education Commons subcommittee and a YS Community Foundation grant. Holden said the subcommittee is waiting to form a joint LLC until a suitable space is identified.

“We didn’t want to take that step until we knew there was a viable site,” Holden said of the LLC. “We need to get on site, see what’s available, what might work, and go from there.”

In response to a question, Patrick Lake of the subcommittee confirmed that the group is looking for either land on which to build new buildings, or buildings to renovate.

The subcommittee is also currently being advised by the school district’s attorney, it was confirmed. Other members of the subcommittee are Antioch College President Tom Manley, Village Council Member Lisa Kreeger and Cox.

• Superintendent Holden reported the school’s income tax collections for July 2020 were down 54% compared with the prior year. “It’s probably not surprising, but when you look at the numbers, it’s pretty staggering,” Holden said.

In an update on local businesses, YS Chamber Director Karen Wintrow shared that the last downtown businesses to remain closed were opening up over the course of the week. She said she worried most about the future of local restaurants due to more limited occupancy allowances. Wintrow said so far there has been one business relocation from downtown, and one upcoming retirement, but no empty retail spaces.

“I don’t imagine we’ll have vacant space unless something changes dramatically,” Wintrow said.

• Members briefly discussed a shared county spreadsheet listing upcoming levies affecting the village. Levies up for renewal in 2020 include a Village of Yellow Springs municipal operating levy, a Greene County bridge levy and a county health district levy. Two significant Yellow Springs School District operating levies are up for renewal in 2024, it was noted.

Voting members present at the meeting were Lisa Abel, Don Hollister, Marianne MacQueen, Steve McQueen, Hannah Montgomery, van Ausdal and Wintrow. Ex-officio members present were Holden and Salmerón. Others present were Dan Carrigan, Evelyn LaMers and this reporter.

• The YSDC’s next regular meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 4:30 p.m. For information on how to join the Zoom call and the meeting packet, email YSDC President Abel at


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