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Yellow Springs High School

At the April 13 Board of Education meeting, YS Schools announced the April recipients of the student and faculty awards. From left: Leah Cameron, Tallis Onfroy-Curley, Violet Babb and Heidi Hoover were awarded. (Submitted photos by YS Schools)

Students of the Month | April 2023

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YS Schools announced the April recipients of student and faculty awards at the April 13 Board of Education meeting:

Leah Cameron, sixth grade, Young’s Dairy Mills Lawn School Scholar of the Month — Cameron was nominated by her teachers, Kineta Sanford, Julia Holden and Katie Miller, who wrote that Cameron is “a kind student and always has a positive attitude toward her peers and her teachers.”

They continued: “Leah is always up for a challenge and is a hard worker. She taps into her creativity in all that she does and is always willing to help. We are so proud of her growth this year!”

Tallis Onfroy-Curley, 12th grade, Mills Park Hotel McKinney Middle School/Yellow Springs High School Scholar of the Month — Onfroy-Curley was nominated by his physics teacher, Brandon Lowry, who wrote that he is “an outstanding student.”

“He does exceptional work in AP Physics,” Lowry wrote. “Frequently, he helps his peers when they are stuck and they often turn to him as a leader. He asks thoughtful questions in class and always engages in what we are learning. He even catches my mistakes when I’ve written a new lab, but he is always polite and thoughtful about checking if his understanding is correct when he does and he always works to understand the concepts at play more fully.” 

Violet Babb, 11th grade, Trophy Sports Center High School Scholar Athlete of the Month — Babb, who plays softball and volleyball and who maintains a 4.0 GPA, was nominated by her softball coach, Jim Delong, who wrote: “Violet is a junior who is clearly the leader of the Yellow Springs softball team and, in her third year with the team, has grown into a responsible team leader who is now in her second year as team captain. Violet has an outstanding work ethic and when requested by me provides game and practice information to the remainder of the team.

“In addition to her verbal communication skills, she has spent countless hours improving her softball skill level and the hard work and success she brings on the field provides an example to the rest of the team. Violet’s success on the field last year was unprecedented. She was my number four clean-up hitter, she is also a top pitcher, an excellent player on defense, and also a force on offense as proven by her MBC stats where she had an incredible .900 batting average as she also led the league in home runs and RBIs — and her RBI total was far and away tops in the league as it doubled the total of the closest player.”

Heidi Hoover, second grade teacher, Peifer Orchard Employee of the Month — Hoover, a Yellow Springs alumna who has worked at Mills Lawn Elementary School for 16 years, was nominated by Principal Megan Winston, teacher Debra Mabra and front office secretaries Nancy Bussey and Roberta Semler. They wrote:

“[Hoover’s] commitment to students goes beyond the walls of her classroom and her dedication to supporting her colleagues provides a sense of community within the building even during times of uncertainty and when facing adversity. Heidi quietly solves problems, provides advice, and shares her expertise on a daily basis. A staple of the K–2 hallway, Heidi’s kindness, dedication and passion for teaching do not go unnoticed!”

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