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Yellow Springs Board of Education | Regular Session

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Regular Session

Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023
at 6 p.m.

Yellow Springs High School Media Center

NOTE: The meeting is open to the public, and community comments are welcome. The meeting will be livestreamed via our Yellow Spring Schools Board of Education YouTube Channel. 


One Response to “Yellow Springs Board of Education | Regular Session”

  1. Edith Whitesell says:

    Dc. Carl Hyde is more amazing then he knows. His his gentle ways has taught me so much. When Glenn and I took in a child with a disability we needed a stethoscope to use with her feeding tube. he one it was special to him he used it in medical school. I felt it was a honor to use it. He always has been loving kind and quick to help. I miss him as a doctor but more as a friend. Love Cookie Whitesell

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