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Articles by Iden Crockett

More Articles by Iden Crockett
  • My Name Is Iden | Calling all rainbows

    My Name is Iden

    “This month will be my second time celebrating Pride as an out transgender person and this time I want to see more than just a momentary gathering of little rainbows.”

  • My Name Is Iden | My kids call me ‘Deedee’

    My Name is Iden

    “I didn’t know what it would be like to raise my children as a transgender woman, but I was pretty sure it would be awful.”

  • My Name Is Iden | Crutches

    My Name is Iden

    “So what’s the answer? How do you remove a stigma that is as deeply rooted as the one against mental illness? My advice is the same advice I always give. Start with yourself.”

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