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  • Council closer to Airbnb rules

    Those who run local Airbnbs or other businesses that offer short-term stays could soon be paying more to the Village — some a lot more.

  • Village Council— Gaunt Park pool to open with changes

    The prosepect of hitting the water after a flying leap was made more attractive by the promise of a cool splash, as local Siobhan and her uncle Christian, visiting from Jamestown, saltoed through the summer air at Gaunt Park Pool last Friday. (Photo by Isaac Delamatre)

    Gone are both the two-hour session limits and locals-only days. And higher prices will be charged across the board in the first pool rate increase since 2009.

  • Looking ahead to local races

    On Tuesday, Nov. 2, local voters will decide who will serve as Council members and mayor starting four-year terms on Jan. 1, 2022. Out of the five current Council members, three seats held by Laura Curliss, Kevin Stokes and Council President Brian Housh are in play.

  • Village Council Regular Meeting

    Village Council Regular Meeting — March 1, 2021

  • Village Council Regular Meeting

    Village Council Regular Meeting — February 16, 2021

  • Village Council— A plan for the ‘Little Park’

    Beatty Hughes Park, located between Kieth’s Alley and Corry Street, may someday host live music concerts, outdoor movies, family picnics and art exhibits.

  • Village Council— New rules aimed at civility

    Council members are now more limited in what they can say. According to Council President Brian Housh, the goal of the new measures is to improve civility and respect in discourse.

  • Village Council— More inclusive, equitable Yellow Springs

    At Village Council’s regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 19, members of Inclusive and Resilient Yellow Springs told the community how they plan to help Yellow Springs live its values of diversity and inclusion.

  • Yellow Springs Village Council approves 2021 budget

    At Village Council’s final meeting of 2020, Council unanimously passed a budget for the new year calling for spending increases amid falling revenues. The deficit budget, the Village’s first in four years, includes $4.23 million in expenses while projecting revenue of $3.27 million.

  • 2020 Year in Review: Village Council

    2020 Year in Review: Village Council

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