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Articles About pets

  • ‘See Spot run’— Plans for local dog park take shape

    A new plan is afoot, or a-paw, to locate a park for Yellow Springs’ furry residents on 1.3 acres of unused land west of the water towers at Gaunt Park, abutting Talus Drive and a farm field.

  • Two hot

    Two local pets reacted to the unyielding heat by draping themselves on the front lawn of a home on West South College Street.

  • Animal magnetism on the ’Fridge

    "Hobbes hides", submitted by Robin Suits, is the winner — by a hair — of the Yellow Springs News's People's Pets photo contest.

    What have we gotten ourselves into? That is what I’m wondering, as I look at all the wonderful submissions of animal companions.

  • (No, please don’t say it!—) Picture purrrfect!

    The refrigerator. Softly humming kitchen sentinel, keeper of the food, chiller of the drink. And, festooned with magnets and clips, quite possibly the most common repository of photos, pictures and notes before Facebook.

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