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Literary Arts Section

  • Emergent Verse | The quiet work of the heart

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    “With ‘Concert for my Mother,’ Larry Hussman transitions from writing primarily nature poetry into the realm of confessional verse. The result is a deeply affecting and well-crafted narrative poem.”

  • Emergent Verse | Sonorous Sibilants

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    “Poets love form — even free-versers like me, who let go of strictly prescribed numbers of syllables in each line (meter), number of lines (like sonnets, villanelles) and rhyme schemes.”

  • Emergent Verse | ‘High Lonesome’

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    Retired Antioch professor, poet and translator Harold Wright used to contribute articles to the News, concluding with a tanka, a strict Japanese poetic form.

  • Emergent Verse | An Introduction

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    As I walked in Glen Helen pondering the first installment of this reincarnated poetry column, the phrase “emergent verse” came to me and I realized I’d found its title.

  • ‘Navigating the Pandemic: Stories of Hope and Resilience’

    The collaborative book features contributions from over 30 writers, including local Cathy Roma, who explore the wide range of feelings engendered by the pandemic.

  • Book Review | ‘One More Day’ a joyful celebration of life

    This is a novel for everyone wanting to understand aging in this era of increasing life span as well as increasing health challenges.

  • Kuder, Wexler’s genre-defying books

    Yellow Springs authors Rebecca Kuder and Robert Wexler, who are partners, released new books this fall: Kuder’s debut novel, “The Eight Mile Suspended Carnival,” from What Books Press; and Wexler’s short story collection, “Undiscovered Territories,” from PS Publishing.

  • Ten years of Winter Solstice Poetry Readings

    Now in its 10th year, the Winter Solstice Poetry Reading’s theme is “Sacred Ground,” which, according to organizer and local poet Ed Davis, is an homage to the event’s longtime and rightful home: Glen Helen.

  • Chiddister debut novel looks at aging and forgiveness

    Writer and former Yellow Springs News editor Diane Chiddister’s novel on aging and death, “One More Day,” was released earlier this month through Boyle & Dalton Publishing. The novel is available at Epic Books and Dark Star Books and Comics in Yellow Springs.

  • New bookmobile revs into action

    Back in August, booklovers from around the county gathered at the Fairborn Community Library to help dedicate the Greene County Public Library system’s latest asset: its brand new bookmobile.

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