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Literary Arts Section

  • ‘Before All the World’— Rothman-Zecher talks new novel

    Former villager Moriel Rothman-Zecher’s new novel, “Before All the World,” was published through Farrar, Straus and Giroux in October of this year.

  • Unsolicited Opinions | Read before you vote

    “What does author bell hooks have to do with the 2022 Senate race in Ohio?”

  • Emergent Verse | LIVE at the Epic!

    What if you could sit outside on a fall evening, close your eyes and savor poetry and poetic prose composed and performed by talented pairs of (mostly) villagers? Well, thanks to the ambitious vision of Gail Lichtenfels, owner/operator of Epic Book Shop, 232 Xenia Ave., you can.

  • Racial justice, one book at a time

    A new Little Free Library is on track to be installed at Gaunt Park this month, and the library will be filled with books themed around social and racial justice.

  • Unsolicited Opinions | Why we still need Toni Morrison

    “Almost three years and one month after the death of Morrison, her novels, including “Beloved,” have reentered the public discourse as we see pundits and public figures decry her work as being a part of a critical race theory plot.”

  • Theorizing Gloria Anzaldúa in ‘Shapeshifting Subjects’

    Kelli Zaytoun, a villager who teaches literature courses and heads the English language graduate studies department at Wright State University, recently published a new book, “Shapeshifting Subjects: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Naguala and Border Arte.”

  • ‘Silverberg Business’ scouts strange planes

    Wexler’s fiction has, in the past, been described — including a few times in this publication — as defying genre. “The Silverberg Business,” too, is ineffable in its way; in a recent interview with the News, Wexler described the book as “a Western…ish.”

  • Emergent Verse | Sensuality of loss

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    “I like to keep an open mind and see if poets can work naturally within their chosen forms so that nothing feels stiff or manipulated, the rhymes unpredictable, the whole pleasing and surprising, yielding a complete meal for the mind and senses.”

  • For the love of The Bard, the Shakespeare Reading Group returns

    The Shakespeare Reading Group meets each Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at the Senior Center. New members and drop-ins are always welcome.

  • Emergent Verse | Bending time, form, convention

    Banner for column "Emergent Verse" by Ed Davis

    As intricately executed as Ravndal’s use of the villanelle form is, it was actually tone that first attracted me.


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