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  • Channel 5 goes live online

    During his first several months at the station’s helm, Station Manager Ben Guenther’s guiding mission has been to make Channel 5 accessible to as many of those creative people as possible.

  • 30 years on the air with Vick Mickunas

    Since 1993, he has built a career out of sharing those same passions with listeners and readers in the Miami Valley and beyond: June marked Mickunas’ 30th anniversary with WYSO 91.3 FM.

  • Yellow Springs News hosts South African journalists

    Andile Nomabhunga, of Matatiele, in the Eastern Cape Province, and Dunisani Ntsanwisi, of Giyani, in Limpopo Province, spent the week working with the News as part of a three-week fact-finding project investigating ways to boost the sustainability of South Africa’s community media.

  • News loses, staffers awarded

    Despite the loss, the News was happy to accept a handful of individual awards, including first place for news coverage for the entire staff.

  • The 2022-23 Guide to Yellow Springs

    “The View from Yellow Springs” is (yet another) deliberate reworking of the famous and oft-imitated, oft-parodied March 29, 1976 New Yorker magazine cover by Saul Steinberg, depicting a New Yorker’s view of the world from Ninth Avenue. While the original was meant to poke gentle fun at New Yorkers’ perception of their city as the center of the world, this cover is meant to convey the disproportionate influence that the small town of Yellow Springs has had on the world at large — from live-saving inventions to life-changing gains in social justice, to groundbreaking cultural contributions. Rendered from a composite of aerial photographs courtesy of Bryan Cady. —Matt Minde

    With the theme of “Contributions, Big and Small,” this year’s Guide to Yellow Springs shines a light on the revolutionary inventions, pioneering patents and novel ideas that originated within the 2.7 square miles of the village.

  • State funding strengthens WYSO community presence

    A recent funding allocation of $566,000 from the Ohio state capital budget has provided an opportunity for WYSO to strengthen its local presence in Yellow Springs and its listening audience in the greater Miami Valley region.

  • Yellow Springs News wins again at Hooper Awards

    For the 12th year in a row, the Yellow Springs News won the top prize at an annual state competition for weekly newspapers.

  • 91.3 WYSO receives $25,000 grant

    The grant money will be used to purchase new broadcasting equipment and have it installed, pay for the “highly specialized” acoustic treatments for the studio spaces and purchase new furniture for the WYSO team.

  • Editorial | When local news is history

    “Though they were clean and well-lit, I recognized all of these printing elements as siblings of the dusty machines and implements that live in the dim back space of the YS News office.”

  • ‘Loud As the Rolling Sea’ | An interview with activist, educator Jewel Graham

    In collaboration with 91.3-FM WYSO’s Eichelberger Center for Community Voices, the News is publishing excerpted transcripts from WYSO’s series “Loud As the Rolling Sea.”

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