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Beyond Yellow Springs Section

  • Talk on the Iran conflict

    Antioch University Midwest humanities professor Jim Malarkey retired in June after 30 years of teaching and curricular planning at both Antioch College and AUM. His signature Classics program was discontinued, but the humanities will still be offered as a concentration at AUM. (Photo by Lauren Heaton)

    A community conversation and teach-in about the U.S. conflict with Iran will be held Monday, Feb. 3, 7:30 p.m. at the Coretta Scott King Center.

  • “Best of Dayton” — a bevy of local nominations

    More than 30 Yellow Springs businesses and Dayton-area businesses owned by YS residents have been nominated for’s “Best of Dayton” awards. UPDATE: The deadline to vote in the “Best of Dayton” contest has been extended to Friday, Feb. 7.

  • Hillsboro mayoral candidate to host local fundraiser

    Former village resident and local spiritual teacher Phillip Loveless is hosting a fundraiser this week to raise money for his write-in campaign to be the next mayor of Hillsboro, in Highland County.

  • Treating addiction, in and out of jail

    This is the final article in a series looking at the proposed expansion of the Greene County Jail, and the economic, social and human issues surrounding incarceration in the county.

  • Donate supplies, volunteer effort to asylum seekers

    Volunteers from Yellow Springs, as well as Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Youngstown, are now organizing to put together bags of food, fruit, basic hygiene items and more for asylum-seeking immigrants coming from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

  • After tragedy, benefit fosters healing

    n the wake of the recent fatal mass shooting in nearby Dayton, comedian, actor and Yellow Springs resident Dave Chappelle parlayed his fame, celebrity friendships and financial resources to do what he’s best known for doing — put on a show.

  • Chappelle, friends perform benefit show in wake of Dayton mass shooting

    Comedian and actor Dave Chappelle put together a celebrity-filled show in Dayton, Sunday, Aug. 25, in response to the deadly mass shooting there earlier this month. On the specially erected stage at the edge of the Oregon District, where the shooting occurred, Chappelle invited the 20,000-some strong crowd, which was projected on the giant screen behind him, to raise their lighted cell phones in unity. (Photos by Carol Simmons)

    Comedian, actor and Yellow Springs resident Dave Chappelle put together a celebrity-filled show in Dayton’s Oregon District on Sunday, Aug. 25, in response to the deadly mass shooting there earlier this month.

  • Jails ‘de facto’ mental health providers

    In this fourth article in the News’ series on the proposed expansion of Greene County’s jail system, we take a closer look at the changing role of jails in mental health treatment, including in our local facility.

  • Greene County— New jail, bigger jail?

    Does Greene County need a new jail? The consensus of county officials is yes. What are the key issues? And does the new facility need to be 30% larger than the existing jail? The third article in a series.

  • An afternoon fair’s fare

    The 4-H-sponsored rabbit costume contest — in which youngsters and their pet rabbits dress in tandem, themed costumes — was held on Wednesday night last week during the Greene County Fair. Above, 11-year-old Mackenna Spur, of Caesarscreek Township, and her rabbit, Pumpkin, were “on vacation.” (Photo by Lauren “Charles” Shows)

    At 8 a.m. on Sunday morning at the fairgrounds, there were no crowds, food booths were closed and the rides were dark and still. In the livestock buildings, however, the 180th Greene County Fair was in full swing.