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Police Section

  • Village Police Reports – 2018 highlights

    We appreciate the hard work of the Yellow Springs Police Department throughout the year to keep the community safe. But in the weekly Village Police Reports, there are usually a few items that are “head scratchers.” Here are some of our favorite colorful and unusual items from the past year’s YSPD reports.

  • Villager found dead from gunshot wound

    Local police found a local resident dead in the village on Dec. 13 of a gun shot wound.

  • YSPD warns of automobile break-ins

    A rash of vehicle break-ins prompted Yellow Springs Police to issue a Hyper-reach Alert to villagers Saturday afternoon, advising them to remove valuables and lock their vehicles.

  • Village Council — Officer resigns amid concerns

    Officer Richard Neel resigned Monday, Oct. 1, from the Yellow Springs Police Department after seven months on the force.

  • Officer resigns amid controversy

    On Monday, Oct. 1, Officer Richard Neel resigned from the Yellow Springs Police Department after seven months on the force.

  • Car flips on side, driver unhurt in downtown Yellow Springs

    A driver was apparently unhurt Wednesday afternoon after his car hit a parked vehicle and flipped on its side in downtown Yellow Springs, halting traffic for nearly an hour Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 19.

  • Brothers plead guilty in shooting deaths, avoid death penalty

    Dustin Merrick, 27, and Bret Merrick, 25, were in court Wednesday, Sept. 12, as part of their plea deals in the shooting deaths early last year of local residents William "Skip" Brown and Sherri Mendenhall. (Photos by Carol Simmons)

    Brothers Dustin and Bret Merrick pleaded guilty Wednesday in the shooting deaths of local residents William “Skip” Brown and Sherri Mendenhall in plea deals that allow them to avoid the death penalty.

  • Hearing process complete; Meister demoted

    YSPD Officer David Meister

    On Monday, Aug. 27, Yellow Springs Police Officer David Meister was officially disciplined by Village Manager Patti Bates.

  • One confirmed dead in Yellow Springs house fire

    A Yellow Springs man was confirmed dead in a house fire on Glen View Drive on Friday, Aug. 24.

  • Meister, Village agree to enter into mediation

    The Village of Yellow Springs has agreed to enter into mediation with Yellow Springs Police Corporal Dave Meister, according to Village Solicitor Chris Conard this week, regarding a dispute over proposed disciplinary actions that has lasted more than a month.