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Land & Environmental Section

  • Smokestack from decommissioned heating plant to come down Monday, Oct. 10.

    Part of Corry Street and the Little Miami Bike Trail will be closed off Monday for demolition of the smokestack and removal of a 10,000 gallon fuel tank of the decommissioned Antioch College heating plant.

  • Tin Can Economy | An ode to the walnut trees

    “Walnuts make wieldy metaphors. Imagine Prince Hamlet preparing for his fourth soliloquy, but rather than Yorick’s skull, I’m out in the field holding onto one of those raucous little nuts.”

  • Black Farming Conference slated

    “Roots, Food and Storytelling” is the theme for the Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice’s third annual Black Farming Conference planned for Friday, Sept. 9, and Saturday, Sept. 10.

  • Down to Earth | Drawing pleasure in gardening

    “He was a great painter, Monet, but he actually thought of himself as a gardener first and a painter second. Late in life, eyes failing and tired of traveling, he asked his village for permission to divert a small river onto his land.”

  • New state park breaks ground in Oldtown

    Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Mary Mertz and Gov. Mike DeWine announced on June 27 that the upcoming park, slated to be completed by 2024, will be named Great Council State Park.

  • Down to Earth | ‘Keystone species’ vital

    “Whereas native species are always better than non-native species in fueling food webs, not all native plants are equal. Keystone native species are superior because they support many more wildlife species.”

  • Village to treat Ellis Pond for algae

    After several attempts at environmentally friendly mitigation techniques, the Village plans to treat the pond with herbicide to kill the algae.

  • Down to Earth | The free advice of birds

    “Since 1970, North America has lost three billion individual birds, nearly 30% of its total, suffering the heaviest losses among 12 bird families that include sparrows, warblers, finches and swallows.”

  • Dogwood Festival to celebrate spring, community

    The center’s first Dogwood Festival is slated for Saturday, May 28, 2–10 p.m., at the Agraria Farm. The event, which organizers plan to make annual, will feature activities throughout the afternoon and into the evening, including tours, a scavenger hunt, lawn games, music, a bonfire, a barn dance and more.

  • Down to Earth | ‘Capture the positive’ on Earth Day

    “The human species is facing so many difficult issues in our world community right now, ranging from the war in Ukraine to climate change. Let’s use this Earth Day to capture the positive.”

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