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The Village Pickle is a column the News will publish periodically both on the letters page and online at Readers who find themselves in a jam and in need of some non-proscriptive advice are invited to submit to The Village Pickle at the link below. —ED.

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 Lauren “Chuck” Shows here, bringing presumptuousness to a new level by suggesting that I can in any way help solve your problems.

I took the helm and handle of The Village Pickle back in August of 2015, after our previous advice columnist, Anisa Kline, took her leave. Like Anisa before me, I’m a serial fan of advice columns myself, and I get my advice fix mainly online, from sources reputable (Slate’s “Dear Prudence”), saucy (The Stranger’s “Savage Love”) and occasionally unhinged (basically all of Reddit). So when the chance to take over this column was offered, I snatched it tout de suite.

I don’t like to give (or receive) unsolicited advice out in the real world, but I am always honored when someone asks for my opinion, and try to give answers from a place of helpfulness, despite my tendency toward dumb jokes and general knucklehead stuff in both my writing and my daily interactions.

So, to quote the inimitable Mr. Vanilla Ice: “If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.” Or try my best to edge in that direction, anyway. Let’s give it a go, shall we?

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