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Northern segment of bike path closes

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A segment of the Little Miami Scenic Trail north of Yellow Springs was closed to the public on Thursday, Nov. 18, due to fiscal problems. The remainder of the bike path, which continues south through Yellow Springs to Loveland, will remain open.

The Clark County Park District planned to put barricades at both ends of the bike path segment under its jurisdiction to discourage public use, according to Park District Director Jim Campbell this week. That 5.6 mile segment begins at Jackson Road north of Yellow Springs and continues north to Beatty Station. As of Nov. 18, the park district will cease patrolling and maintaining the trail, so it would no longer be safe for public use, he said.

The action was sparked by the failure on Nov. 2 of a levy that would have provided the Clark County Park District about $360,000 yearly for seven years to maintain the parks under its jurisdiction. Those parks, which are George Rogers Clark Park, the Estel Wenrick Wetlands and sections of two different bike paths, will all now be closed indefinitely due to lack of funding, Campbell said.

Maintaining the Little Miami Scenic Trail bike path costs about $1,000 per mile yearly, according to Campbell, so the cost for the maintenance of the Clark County Miami Scenic Trail segment is about $5,600.

Campbell said the park district plans to develop a plan for new funding, but he did not know when the plan would be finished, or when the bike path would be reopened.


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Northern segment of bike path closes

by Diane Chiddister