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Articles by Aaron Zaremsky :: Page 7

  • Weekly Wildlife: Horsetails!

    A group of smooth horsetails (equisetum laevigatum )sprout up from a marsh in the glen

    Today’s Weekly Wildlife are Horsetails!

  • Weekly Wildlife: Water Striders!

    A Water Strider keeps afloat

    Today’s weekly wildlife photo is a water strider!

  • Weekly Wildlife: Fungus among-us

    An unidentified species of mushroom creeps out of a dead log (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    Today’s weekly wildlife: mushrooms!

  • Spring in the Springs

    Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia Virginica) poke their heads out in the Glen (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    Spring finally arrives in the village.

  • A red carpet affair

    The Little Art Theatre hosted an Oscar Night party last Sunday evening as a fundraiser for the non-profit.

  • Will you be my valentine?

    Lucas Mulhall holds his Friends Care Valentine (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    The Yellow Springs Public Library hosted a valentine-making event for children last Friday afternoon.

  • YSHS One Acts a wild ride

    The YSHS One Acts have always been a wild experience on the stage.

  • Saturday Storytime at Pass it On

    Fatou Reed and Arielle Johnson goof off on the play equipment during Saturday Storytime (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    Pass it On hosts Saturday Storytime for kids every Saturday in the store.

  • Let freedom ring

    The reverend himself joins the citizens of Yellow Springs during the MLK Day march (photo by Aaron Zaremsky)

    The streets of Yellow Springs echoed with the sounds of the civil rights movement Monday morning. Admirers of Martin Luther King Jr. chanted “We Shall Overcome” as they marched through the streets; a jovial tribute to one of the most iconic and important figures in American history. Upon the crowd’s arrival at the Central Chapel […]

  • Winter weather does not deter war protestors

    The Saturday war protesters continue their weekly peace vigil.