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McCurdy delivers farewell address to school board

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After 44 years of teaching history, government and literature courses to students at Yellow Springs High School and middle school, Joyce McCurdy took a moment, plus some, to talk about her long career in the village. She delivered her parting address to the members of the Yellow Springs School Board at their meeting Thursday, June 9, during which the board also honored retiring teachers Phil Lemkau, Becky Brunsman, Shanna Winks, Jutta Galbraith and Linda Clevenger.

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One Response to “McCurdy delivers farewell address to school board”

  1. Peggy Engle Christopoulos says:

    I was one of Joyce McCurdy’s first students in 1967, when she joined the staff at John Bryan Junior High School. I remember a vibrant young woman with long, straight chestnut brown hair held up with a barrette in back. She dressed impeccably – great shoes – when teachers dressed up for work. Her handsome husband, Pat, would sometimes visit class. No kids yet, just dachsunds. She taught 7th grade English, conjugating verbs, spelling lists, and reading assignments. After having her again in 8th grade, we insisted she come along to the high school with us, and much to our surprise on the first day at YSHS September 1969, Joyce was teaching us again. Four years of English, History, and Government. She was a task-master, always smiling and had a great sense of humor. She LOVED us and had no problem showing it with a masterful, mother-like insistance that we learn to love learning. Joyce is and always will be thought of as one of the really great teachers. Shakespeare, “Death of a Salesman”, “Catcher in the Rye”, are a brief list of required reading in her class. She prepared us well for college and life in general. Joyce McCurdy is one of the great gems of Yellow Springs, and we are her Magnum Opus.
    Cheers, Mrs. McCurdy! We’ll be waiting for that novel you’ve always dreamed of………… Peggy Engle Christopoulos YSHS class of 1973