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Local bee keeper Brian Johnson admired his hive last week.

Waxing sustainable for the sake of the bees

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The buzz in the village this week is all about bees. Antioch College will sponsor a visit from sustainable bee keeping expert Gunther Hauk, who will talk about the honeybee crisis at the Glen Helen Building on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at 7 p.m. Hauk has been keeping bees for over 30 years. He co-founded Spikenard Farm, Inc., a honeybee sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and has written several books, including Toward Saving the Honeybee. His life work has been to develop ways of cultivating bees without threatening their existence and to educate others about the need for more sustainable farming and bee keeping practices.

In conjunction with Hauk’s visit, Queen of the Sun, a film about the global bee crisis, will screen at the Little Art Theatre, on Tuesday, Aug. 30, at 7 p.m. Hauk will attend the event to answer questions on the film about the mysterious disappearance of the honey bee, featuring Hauk, Michael Pollan and Vandana Shiva.

Hauk’s visit is timely, as many villagers have started cultivating bees in town, and Antioch College is considering creating a bee colony at its newly created farm on campus.

Read about local bee colonies in the Yellow Springs News.


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