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VIDEO — A Sport Fishing USA home studio session

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In an earlier edition of Village Vibes, I reviewed the exciting band Sport Fishing USA, a local rock trio with a bluegrass bassist, a drummer named David Bryne (no relation to the Talking Heads) and a front man with the hair of Jim Morrison and, literally, the guitar of Kim Deal of Pixies and Breeders fame.

Read the review here.

Watch a video featuring snippets of two songs from Sport Fishing USA’s debut self-titled album.

Sport Fishing USA’s song “Eleanor” is presented in its entirety in this video.

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One Response to “VIDEO — A Sport Fishing USA home studio session”

  1. Mark Baker says:

    I downloaded their last album and I have to say, its freaking awesome. You can google sport fishing usa to find their website for the download. They seperate most of their tracks with some funky keyboard interludes which is really cool when you listen to the album in sequence. I’m excitted to see them play live sometime soon.

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