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2011 births and deaths

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Births: Ezra Maxwell Lydy; Desmond Arnold; Jameson Michael Frick; Desmond Truitt; Ayla Brynn Jolly-Ballantine; Colin Thompson; Amelia Wilde Meiser; Emil Lazar; Kaiya Wilson, Leela Chandra Cooksey; Natalia Ramirez; Wyatt Emerson Spurr; Isabel Aniece Brown; Jace Eli Wilson.

Deaths: Jim Riley; John Spariosu; Nancy Vernot; Alton Brisbane; Mary Burris; Marcella Binegar; Peggy Pitstick; Bill Hooper; Tom Ayrsman; Ken Champney; Walter Friz; Earl Hull Sr.; Christina Hess; Betty Burks; Marvin Trollinger; Meredith Dallas; Beryl Schicker; Mitchell Stamm; Robert Funderburg; David Triplett; Mitchell Cary; Norman Childs Jr.; Douglas Abner; Cy Tebbetts; Anna George; Richard Eastman; Berger Mayne; Betty Ryan; Barbara Case.


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2011 births and deaths

by YS News Staff