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Solid waste rate hike approved

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At their Nov. 21 meeting, Village Council members unanimously approved the final reading for a rate hike for Village solid waste disposal. The fee increase reflects the new contract the Village approved recently with longtime solid waste handler Rumpke, and passes on to consumers the increased Rumpke charges and fees. After determining that the Village solid waste fund was in good shape financially, Council members chose to not add on additional cost above the Rumpke fee changes.

At the beginning of the meeting, Village Mayor David Foubert swore in the three winners of the Nov. 8 election for Council seats, including incumbents Lori Askeland and Rick Walkey and newcomer Gerry Simms. In other housekeeping business, Council members unanimously re-elected Judith Hempfling as president and Lori Askeland as vice-president.

The new solid waste fees reflect an increase of about $2 monthly for residential solid waste customers. Those at Tier 1 (not more than 35 gallons) will pay $10.40 per month, compared to the previous fee of $8.42; Tier 2(not more than 65 gallons) customers will pay $11.40 per unit monthly, compared to $9.44 previously; and Tier 3 (not more than 120 gallons) customers will pay $12.40 monthly, compared to $10.46 previously.

The new fee for commercial services is $55 per container monthly for a 4-cubic yard container.

A fuel surcharge is also added monthly that is adjusted according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration highway diesel price index reading for the Midwest.

Rumpke service continues to include weekly recycling. Recently the company provided villagers with new 65-gallon recycling wastewheelers to hold comingled recyclables, rather than the red bins used previously. However, according to the Village utilities department, some villagers have chosen to keep the red bins and requested that the new larger waste holders be removed.

The Rumpke contract includes the provision that the company may occasionally collect additional containers from households, if requested. These containers are to be identified with a sticker that can be purchased from the Village for an additional fee. That fee, $1.25 per container, is an increase over the previous fee of $1 per container. Large items, such as hot water heaters or sofas, need to be identified with five stickers at $1.25 per sticker.

The Village will continue to provide the annual clean-up for Yellow Springs residents, when they may put at curbside most items that they want disposed. The Village manager will determine the date and the rules for the annual clean-up.

The new fees go into effect Jan. 1, 2012.

Other items of Council Nov. 21 business, including Council’s goals for 2012, will be covered in next week’s News.

Council will hold a special 2012 budget meeting on Monday, Nov. 28, at 7 p.m. in Council chambers.


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