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Crockett, Eastman Township Trustees

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Incumbent Mark Crockett and challenger John Eastman were elected as Miami Township Trustees on Tuesday. Both will serve four-year terms, joining Trustee Chris Mucher on the three-person board.

Crockett was returned to the seat he has held for the last 12 years. He was the race’s only incumbent as longtime Trustee Lamar Spracklen, whose term had expired, did not run. Eastman, an engineer and Yellow Springs native, joins the board for the first time.

Mark Crockett and John Eastman (submitted photos)

Mark Crockett and John Eastman (submitted photos)

Crockett and Eastman were the top two vote-getters in a field of seven candidates. Crockett earned 829 votes, or 25 percent of votes cast. Eastman wasn’t far behind with 746, or 22 percent, and Don Hollister finished next with 647, or 19 percent, followed by John Struewing (396, 12 percent), Dale Amstutz (333, 10 percent), Zo Van Eaton Meister (203, 6 percent) and Steve McFarland (188, 6 percent).

Crockett and Eastman won the four Yellow Springs precincts, while Amstutz and Crockett were the top vote-getters across two Miami Township precincts. Forty-six percent of the registered voters in Miami Township and Yellow Springs, or 1,907 people, voted in the race.

Votes by Y.S. and Miami Twp. Precincts (unofficial):
440 (north YS): Crockett, 198; Eastman, 194; Hollister, 161; Van Eaton Meister, 69; Struewing, 63; Amstutz, 47; McFarland, 36

441 (west YS): Crockett, 176; Eastman, 120; Hollister, 106; Struewing, 59; Amstutz, 49; Van Eaton Meister, 39; McFarland, 9

442 (center YS): Hollister, 149; Eastman, 149; Crockett, 148; Struewing, 73; Amstutz, 48; Van Eaton Meister, 40; McFarland, 13

443 (south YS): Eastman, 186; Crockett, 179; Hollister, 125; Struewing, 114; Amstutz, 38; Van Eaton Meister, 37; McFarland, 18

455 (east MT): McFarland, 84; Amstutz, 65; Crockett, 47; Eastman, 31; Struewing, 32; Hollister, 29; Van Eaton Meister, 3

456 (west MT): Amstutz, 86; Crockett, 81; Hollister, 77; Eastman, 66; Struewing, 55; McFarland, 28; Van Eaton Meister, 15 


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