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Karen Wintrow, Brian Housh and Marianne MacQueen (submitted photos)

Karen Wintrow, Brian Housh and Marianne MacQueen (submitted photos)

Wintrow, Housh, MacQueen win Council

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An exceptionally large slate of candidates led to an exceptionally close race in the election for Yellow Springs Village Council. Incumbent Karen Wintrow and newcomers Brian Housh and Marianne MacQueen all came within single digits of each other in the race, with Wintrow and Housh, as the top two vote-getters, winning four-year terms and MacQueen winning a two-year term as the one with the third most votes.

And in an uncontested race, David Foubert won his 11th term as mayor of Yellow Springs.

For Village Council, Wintrow gained 790 votes, or a little over 20 percent, of villagers’ votes, while Housh came in six votes less with 784, or 19.9 percent of the vote. MacQueen garnered 773 votes, or 19.6 percent.

Wintrow, the executive director of the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce, ran on a platform of the need for economic viability in the village, and in support of the Center for Business and Education, or CBE, while Housh, a newcomer to the village who has worked for the Yellow Springs Arts Council and is now president of the YSKP board, stressed the need for consensus decision-making, along with support for the arts and for the CBE. MacQueen, a longtime villager who has headed several nonprofits, also emphasized the need for collaborative efforts and Village government’s role in enhancing affordability in Yellow Springs.

Other Council candidate results, in order of votes received, were incumbent Rick Walkey, with 620 votes, or almost 16 percent; Christine Monroe-Beard, with 314 votes, or almost 8 percent; Dan Reyes with 260 votes, or almost 7 percent; Chrissy Cruz, with 204 votes, or 5 percent and Patty Purdin, with 192 votes, or 4.8 percent.

Precinct breakdowns for the Village Council race, and the areas of town they represent, are as follows:

Precinct 440, north edge of village: MacQueen, 250; Wintrow, 225; Housh, 215; Walkey, 190; Reyes, 94; Monroe-Beard, 85; Cruz, 78; Purdin, 54.

Precinct 441, west Yellow Springs: MacQueen, 157; Wintrow, 156; Housh, 147; Walkey, 146; Purdin, 60; Monroe-Beard, 58; Reyes, 55; Cruz, 45.

Precinct 442, center of town: Housh, 201; MacQueen, 186; Wintrow, 169; Walkey, 160; Monroe-Beard, 68; Reyes, 51; Cruz, 48; Purdin, 33.

Precinct, 443, south end:
Wintrow, 240; Housh, 221; MacQueen, 180; Walkey, 124; Monroe-Beard, 103; Reyes, 60: Purdin, 45; Cruz, 33.


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